Expectations – Prologue

November 4, 2009 at 6:14 pm (Uncategorized)

“Is seemin’ dif’rent.” Zendali stated in broken common to Esreiella, and interrupting the silence over the tournament tent. The human woman raised her head from the work she’d been pouring over and gazed at the troll. “Be missin’ part.”

“Part?” Esme inquired with a quizzical expression. Zendali leaned in close to Esme and breathed in the air surrounding her. While most would have pulled away immediately, Esreiella remained in place. In the time she had been working with the Argent Crusade she had developed a sort of friendship with the shaman. Albeit, she didn’t completely trust Zendali due to their factions, but she knew she was safe on tournament grounds.

“Fel energy be gone.”

“I’ve had it cleansed from me.” Esreiella explained even if the troll didn’t pull away. “At least most of it.”

“Good. Be dangerous.”

“Indeed.” Esreiella simply said with a nod before turning back to figuring numbers and writing furiously on parchment. Zendali, however, did not pull away.

“D’ere somet’ing else.”

At that Esreiella looked up once again, but to examine the shaman’s face this time. There was no sign of a frown or an expression that would imply some sort of horrible presense. Zendali’s lips were actually curved into a joyful smile as she kept her eyes locked on the human. Esme’s quill fell onto the parchment and her eyes went wide. Her lips parted to speak, but a gasp was only audible.


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