The Afternoon After?

August 6, 2009 at 10:08 pm (Uncategorized)

Sunlight pressed through the drawn curtains right on to Esreiellas eyelids, waking her from her slumber. With a groan of protest she turned her head to bury her face into the pillow, hoping she could easily fall back to sleep. However, sleep didn’t return as her senses were beginning to rouse and she became steadily more aware of the world around her.

Warm, steady breaths caressed the back of her necked and a masculine body pressed gently to her back. She looked down passed the swell of her breast to the dark-skinned hand resting upon her belly and a smile quickly formed on her lips.

For several minutes, Esreiella remained in his bed, thinking back on the night before, and enjoying the sweet serenity of his embrace. Ovello’s hand moved further up her belly as he slept, leaving a trail of delightful sensations in the wake of his fingers.

Esreiella let the thoughts and memories slip away, if only to clear her mind, as she moved to leave the comfort of the bed. A gentle tug at her body brought a quiet laugh out of her, and she removed Ovello’s arm. As she sat up on the edge of the bed she caught the sight of a leather satchel haphazardly set next to the foot of the bed. The fabric of a familiar black robe peeked out from within, and she reached to remove it from the depths of the bag.

She admitted to herself, as she pulled it on, that she had grown rather fond of the robe even if it was big enough on her to be comical. A blush rose to her cheeks when she closed the robe around her naked frame and looked down at the holy runes that remained. A holy garment being worn by a woman whom had become indecent by committing a sin, she thought. To Esreiella, though, it didn’t quite count.

A woodsy scent with hints of silverleaf and wine engulfed her as she crossed the room to the nearest window.  Silently she inquired how late it was, and after she opened the window she found herself letting out a laugh that she was unable to restrain.  The sun was shining in just a way to indicate that the day was already into the afternoon.


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  1. Ovello said,

    Ov and Es are just too happy, aren’t they? Good work on capturing a little bit of that in the piece.

    I’m writing up “The Violin” right now, so it won’t be long before some overdue prose is posted up on my blog.

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