Esreiella “Esme” Elayna Galathil

August 3, 2009 at 2:34 pm (Uncategorized)

Ah, it’s about time that I sat down and wrote a full fledged description on Esreiella. Of course, those who have seen my RSP know the basics of the character, but with a great deal of sarcasm as I poked fun at others in the description.

Esreiella, or Esme, stands at a rather unimpressive five feet and two inches in height with smaller frame to accompany. Though most would label her as petite she wouldn’t exactly be labeled as one of those stick thin women you could use as a kite. In fact, she’s very healthy. However, it should be noted that from the chest down to her hips and legs her body holds the voluptuous curves of a girl that developed into a woman with an extreme amount of grace. Then gentle slopes and curves of her back, belly, and hindquarters do well to accent her femininity also. Her breast would actually be considered an average size amongst human females, but given her small frame they do seem a tad large on her and a little awkward at times.

Her skin is soft and smooth to the touch, and an even toned ivory with the faintest hints of a gardenia oil for scent. Cascades of silkened, jet black hair fall to the middle of her back with a gentle curl towards the end. Soft, full lips and brilliant blue eyes accent the youth and beauty of her feminine facial features.

Whenever Esreiella speaks, her voice is light with an accent to show origination from the Lordaeron upper-class social tier.

Yes, soft, gentle and feminine were used quite often, but it’s really the only way I could think to describe her. Yes, she is somewhat young still at twenty-three years old. Some may point the finger and say that I tried to make her super  pretty to the point of being cliche, I say I don’t care. I wanted this character to be beautiful in a way that a -real- woman would be. Though the height was just because I felt like making short character. No gobs and gobs of cosmetics, no stick thin body, and absolutely no need to twirl, giggle and bat her eyelashes. Pure, natural, intellectual beauty.


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  1. Ovello said,

    While not as entertaining and derisive as her RSP, this is a very good description of Esreiella. In fact, I would venture far enough to say that maybe you should post this up in-game as well–the other might be a bit overkill in the scorn department.

    And good stories and characters never shy away from cliche; to be completely original is impossible. You avoid what hackneyed ideas you can and try to trip up the ones you can’t.

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