Good morning.

July 28, 2009 at 1:27 pm (Uncategorized)

As it says, good morning those of you looking upon this. Few of you may know me from the World of Warcraft server, Moon Guard, and the rest probably don’t know me at all. As many from Moon Guard have already done so, I’ve created this to put up various in character ( IC ) writings about my character, Esreiella. For those that don’t know how to pronounce it: Ez-ree-el-la. Or at least, that how I pronounce it. Ez-ray-el-la is acceptable as well.

Soon enough I’ll have things posted on here for all to see, until then I do require sleep. The night shift is quite hard on the body, but I’ll keep continue to be vigilant.



  1. Ovello said,

    Hey! It’s Ovello.

    While there is no messaging function on WordPress, or so it seems, comments work just as well!

    If you need to contact me:

    AIM is Seanieathon20
    e-mail is

    And I’m constantly looking for writing-based feedback on my blog as well. Ta for now!

    • esreiella said,

      I went ahead and added you to my AIM list, so don’t block off the name Turishka. I’ll catch you soon, and start getting more things written up on this. See you later!

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